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Welcome to the Campaign to Save Dan Gauthier as Kevin Buchanan Headquarters

Dan & I wanted to thank all of the fans who participated in this campaign. Although our voices fell on deaf ears we still had fun being heard.
Special thanks to each and everyone of you who wrote, called, sent cards, e-mails and posted on boards on Dan's behalf.
We were told that this was a campaign like no other.and at least we did not go down without a fight!!
In an effort to consolidate everyone's efforts on Dan's behalf we have created this page for all info and outside links

What can YOU do to help Dan?

  • Write letters & postcards to the execs at ABC. Good old fashioned mail works best so tell everyone you know who is a fan of the show, Kevin & Dan to send letters and post cards to those listed below.

  • Send E-Mail to them also. If the e-mail comes back it means they are getting flooded with mail and that's a good thing, so re-send it until it goes through.

  • Call the ABC Comment line daily and tell them of your support for Dan and your dissatisfaction with their decision

  • If you live in the area join us in a "peaceful" rally at ABC Studios on Dan's behalf in September (details will be posted at a later date)

  • Tell everyone you know, and even those you don't know, who watches OLTL that Dan has been let go and that the character of Kevin will no longer be on the show, make flyers, pass the word, ask them to join our campaign to save Kevin

  • Finally, write to CBS as the addresses below and ask them to consider Dan Gauthier to be a part of their soaps, As the World Turns & Guiding Light.
    If ABC will not re-consider and hire Dan back then maybe we can convince CBS what great talent Dan has and how many fans he has who would follow him to their network.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, links to add, or feedback please contact me directly at Deb Hartzog

    Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see all info since new info will be added to the bottom

    To all my fans and co-workers at One Life to Live

    I am thankful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to play the complicated and complex character of Kevin Buchanan for the past 3 Ĺ years.
    I want to thank all the fans for their support since I arrived at One Life to Live. You are absolutely awesome.
    Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to my cast mates for their loyalty and friendship, not to mention their talent.
    I am truly humbled to have this much support.

    -Dan Gauthier 8-26-2006
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    Soaptown USA

    We were given a list of names of the Board of Directors at Disney and a suggestion that we write to them with our issues about One Life to Live, Brian Frons, Anne Sweeney and anyone else that is associated with the decision making process of the show.

    The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors
    John E. Bryson, Director
    John S. Chen, Director
    Judith L. Estrin, Director
    Robert A. Iger, Director (also Disney President & CEO)
    Steve Jobs, Director
    Fred H. Langhammer, Director
    Aylwin B. Lewis, Director
    Monica C. Lozano, Director
    Robert W. Matschullat, Director
    George J. Mitchell, Chairman of the Board
    Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J., Director
    John E. Pepper, Jr., Director
    Orin C. Smith, Director,/td>

    You can write to these folks at the same address as Frons & Co: The Walt Disney Company
    500 S. Buena Vista St.
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551
    Also, here's the fax/phone numbers for Disney/ABC Corporate in Burbank, in case anyone wants to fax letters to the Board or Frons & Co.:
    Phone: 818-560-1000
    Fax: 818-560-1930

    Addresses & Phone Numbers
    One Life To Live
    56 West 66th Street
    New York, NY 10023

    Anne Sweeney
    Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks
    President, Disney-ABC Television Group
    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551
    e-mail: anne.x.sweeney@abc.com

    Brian Scott Frons
    President, Daytime Disney-
    ABC Television Group
    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551
    email: brian.frons@abc.com
    phone: 818-460-7020

    Frank Valentini
    Executive Producer, OLTL
    56 W. 66th Street
    New York, NY 10023
    e-mail: frank.valentini@abc.com

    Dena Higley
    Head Writer, OLTL
    77 W. 66th Street
    New York, NY 10023

    OLTL Direct Comment Line (NY):

    ABC Comment Line (NY):
    212-456-1000; (ask for comment line)

    ABC Media Relations (NY):

    Mailing Labels
    You can download these pre-printed labels to the above addresses and print them
    They are Avery brand with labels30 per page
    Mailing Labels ( Word Format)
    Printable Postcards
    Black & White Postcards( Word Format 4 to a page)

    Color Postcards( Word Format 4 to a page)

    Save Kevin Postcard jpg format

    Downloadable Postcards

    Polls to Vote for Dan
    Soap Opera Digest Favorite Couple Poll
    Vote for Kevin/Kelly as your favorite couple !

    ABC Soaps in Depth Favorite Actor

    Online Petition to Brian Frons to Keep Dan Gauthier
    The Petition is now over. It has been sent with over 3,000 signatures!!

    Is Kevin Likable Poll
    This Poll is now closed to voting
    * Please note: The counter on the original poll had to be re-set. by SoapCentral.com
    due to spammers posting several hundred negative votes.
    We were advised of this after questioning the total number of votes being changed overnight.
    The problem could not be corrected so it had to be re-set.
    We were advised that the spamming IP came from a single group of computers.

    Dan's Official Website
    Get info on Dan's newest projects

    Dan's Official Fan Club Website
    Get info & join Dan's Official Fan Club

  • We have no current news regarding the impact of the fans campaign.
  • We are currently attempting to organize a peaceful rally at ABC Studios during the week of Sept. 18th.
    Anyone wishing to join the rally please Contact Me to be added to the list

  • For those of you who want to write here is the contact info for CBS Soaps:
    ( Let them know you would like to see Dan in their soaps)

    As the World Turns
    1268 East 14th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11230.

    Guiding Light
    c/o CBS
    51 W. 52 St.
    New York, NY 10019

  • ***The postcards & labels were all designed by fans.
    I cannot take credit for designing them but would like to extend my thanks to everyone who contributed their time, talent and ideas to this site
    . - Deb Hartzog, Webmaster***

    Message Boards
    Save Kevin Buchanan The Dan Gauthier Campaign Board
    A great board to get and give suggestions for the campaign

    Dan's Official Message Board
    Post your messages and/or questions to Dan here

    Save Kevin Message Board
    Although we welcome all message boards Dan does not endorse any content on any boards other than his Official Message Board

    Castmates Comments on Dan's Release

    Kristen Alderson
    Posted on Kristen's Official Message Board
    "Dan is an amazing actor and friend. I feel, and I know that many others feel the same way that he is one of the best actors on One Life To Live. They are making a huge mistake if they don't change their mind. I hope that all the e-mails, letters, and calls will make them rethink their decision. I'm sure that all of my other co-stars including myself, will be very upset to see him go."
    Kristen Anderson


    Kassie DePaiva
    Posted on Kassie's Official Message Board
    "So very rarely re-cast really works and OLTL was so lucky to have found Dan. I feel he is one of the most outstanding actors on our show and I find it hard to believe that these focus groups do like the character of Kevin Buchanan. He is dysfuntional, self destructive, powerful, and strong. Dan was able to pull all of that off beautifully. And this year he was able to do some his best work. I'm so saddened by this and the canvas of One Life has just lost a huge splash of color"
    Kassie DePaiva


    From Trevor St. John's Fan Club

    Good morning everyone, I've just received a call from Trevor, and he is very upset. Some of you may have already heard that Dan Gauthier has been released from One Life To Live. Trevor and Dan are not only roommates on the show, they are the very best of friends. Trevor has asked that each of write or email the executives of the show and the magazines about this. Everyone on OLTL loves Dan and are heartbroken about this latest turn of events. More later. In the meantime, please get writing and/or calling, as well as going to Dan's official website for more information on things that they are doing. Thanks so much! We appreciate it! Best, Debby O

    Trevor St. John
    " One Life to Liveís decision to fire Dan Gauthier is difficult to understand. Dan is a terrific actor, one of the best in daytime, and a dear, dear friend to everybody on the show.
    Iím sure heíll find another place where his talent is appreciated. Iíll miss him at work everyday and I think the show will be poorer for his absence.
    I can only imagine the fansí reaction to the loss of such a great asset to the show"
    Ė Trevor St. John

    Erika Slezak
    SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM WALTER ( Erika's Official Fan Club President)
    " Erika phoned me this morning to express her extreme disappointment over this decision.
    Erika would be most grateful and asked fans and members of her fan club be proactive and write and or email Brian Frons and ABC in support of Dan and ask that Dan Gauthier remain with ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Erika went on to say: ' I love working with Dan. And I donít want to lose him. Dan is a brilliant actor and it would be a great loss to the show if he were no longer playing Kevin Buchanan'.
    Time is of the essence; please assist us in this urgent matter


    8-30-2006From Erika's Official Fan Club
    "Erika asked if I would do a separate mailing to our fan club members on Dan's behalf. The postcards (which carries the same info as I posted on Erika's homepage) will be mailed today.
    -Walter Miller, President, Official Erika Slezak Fan Club

    Kamar Del los Reyes
    "Friends and Fans...
    I wanted to make public how disappointed I am about ABC's decision to fire Dan Gauthier.
    The decision that has been made to to fire one of its finest actors will affect us all as we will miss a good friend and great actor. Dan is a fine actor; his professionalism and humor are just a few things we look forward to as we come to work on the set every day.
    I would like to encourage you to join me by becoming proactive and vocal in expressing your appreciation for Dan
    and his character Kevin Buchanan, as the you the fans are a very powerful factor in this medium.
    I hope you will join me and others as we ban together to support Dan in this time."
    Kamar de los Reyes

    A letter to Kamar's Fan Club Members
    Dear fans and friends...
    it is with true regret that we must notify you that Dan Gauthier's character Kevin Buchanan will be released from One Life to Live this fall.
    Cast and fans are very upset about this turn of events.
    Kamar has asked me to encourage each of you to write, call and email ABC in support of Dan.
    This morning I recieved word from Kamar and he asked us to support Dan and the efforts of his fan club president, Deb Hartzog.
    As active fan club presidents many of us are banning together to show our support.
    As fans I ask you guys to do the same, it all counts... please let all the execs know we see Dan as a very valuable member of the cast and the show.
    Please see the attached list of addresses and please take a moment to support Dan and his character Kevin Buchanan.
    Kamar is very upset about this and has asked me to inform all of you immediately.
    I understand Dan's fan club president will be sending along some information as time moves forward and I will pass it on to you.
    In the meantime go to Dan's official website www.dangauthier.com for more information.
    Each and every one of us can make a difference in the daytime arena...please take a moment and send a letter, sign a petition, or make a phone call.
    The time you give as fans is very much appreciated, it's in times like this that we can see how we really make a difference in our favorite actors lives! Thanks!
    Jeania Davis, President
    "Official" Kamar de los Reyes fan club

    Forbes March posted this on Dan's Official Message Board
    When entertaining and good actors with a strong and well earned fan base are dropped as the result of a quantitative study, our entire craft and the proffession of story telling as an industry is at risk. Accountants should not get creative with either taxes OR the story. I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me, but I wish you all luck in your campaign to save Dan's job. Oh, and Dan... your Best Supporting Actor vote from our cast mates was well deserved and I find your performances formidable and they set the bar on our show amoungst the men. Don't know if I ever told you I thought so. Go get 'em!
    Forbes March

    Hillary B. Smith
    I am saddened by the news of Dan Gauthier (released from contract as of Nov. 2006) and Heather Tom (chose not to renew her contract). If this is as sad to you, write in! Claim your show! Kevin is a Buchanan and a Lord and Kelly is a Buchanan and a Kramer. They are both exceptional actors and wonderful people. What could be next? I am writing!


    Michael Easton
    Being off the show and out of New York for a few weeks, I was probably one of the last people to find out that Dan Gaultier had been released from the show.
    I know Dan's departure has upset many of you and I just wanted to remind you that it's never really over in the world of daytime.
    You have established precedent by saving actors before who have been let go but who's performances you determined were invaluable to the production.
    I encourage you at this time to let your voices be heard again. They do listen. Use the power.
    Dan is a very talented actor and as anyone who's had the good fortune to have met him knows an even better human being.
    His presence around the studio and his contribution to "One Life to Live" will be deeply missed.
    Michael Easton


    Nathaniel Marston
    "I am stunned by the news that the decision makers at ABC have decided to release Dan Gauthier from One Life To Live.
    I have enormous respect for Dan, not only as a brilliant actor, but as a good and decent human being.
    Nobody knows better than I do just how powerful the voices of the fans can be and I want to encourage all who feel strongly that Dan should stay to speak out.
    Let "the powers that be" know you support Dan Gauthier, and while you're at it, let Dan know as well."
    Nathaniel Marston


    Paul Satterfield
    "I'm heart broken. Dan and I have been friends for almost twenty years now. He and his family helped me during my transition to the East Coast job. Dan introduced me to the cast as his friend. He has always been there for me as a friend and in a very round about way, I probably wouldn't have this job, if not for Dan.
    The out-cry of support for him shows what a great person, friend and co-star he has been to all of us. He will be missed.
    On a more positive note, I'm sure Dan has already moved on.
    His resume is by far the most extensive on the cast. Usually when these things happen, it only leads to something bigger and better.
    I'm speaking from experience of course."
    Paul Satterfield

    We have also received e-mails from several AMC Fan Clubs in support of Dan.

    Fans Rally
    We are currently organizing a "quiet & peaceful" ralley at the One Life to Live Studios in NY on Dan's behalf.
    Fans who live in the area and wish to participate with a poster, sign etc. please contact me to be added to the list
    We have no date yet for this rally